As the activities of the port of Rotterdam gradually shifted west and towards the North Sea, the harbours in and around the centre of Rotterdam were left empty. The quays were no longer being used as before and surrounding buildings were redeveloped or demolished. Life on the water disappeared along with the shipping.

The Rijnhaven (Rhine Harbour) lies at the heart of the “Kop van Zuid”, the new centre of Rotterdam on the southern banks of the River Maas. Recent years have seen a great deal of new housing and other construction on the north and west side. On the southern side, water-based activities are gradually disappearing. As a result, the harbour is being used less and less for shipping.

In the lead-up to a development tender competition from the city of Rotterdam, a large consortium was formed that included Siemens, Arcadis, Van Gansewinkel, ABC Arkenbouw, Floatbase and Monteflore. Various architects and civil engineers also joined the consortium. The consortium developed a plan for a tidal park and a large floating village in the centre of the harbour. When the final conditions for the competition were announced, the consortium decided not to submit its plans.

Monteflore, Floatbase, ABC Arkenbouw, Arcadis, Siemens, Van Ganzewinkel, De Urbanisten, Doepel Strijkers

involvement Monteflore

De Urbanisten

Doepel Strijkers
water park, mixed floating (shops, offices, homes), floating jetties

gross sq. m.
50,000 sq. m.

2011 - 2014

proposal, not realised

Rijnhaven, Rotterdam