Floating hotel suites
Milford Haven, Wales

The Port of Milford Haven on the west coast of Wales (UK) is redeveloping the Milford Marina and its surroundings. Part of the redevelopment is the expansion of the tourist facilities (hotels, restaurants et cetera). The Port initiated in 2017 a development, design and construction competition for a “floating hotel pilot”.

Monteflore and Floatbase working together in their subsidiary Building on Water won the competition and have developed, designed and constructed four floating hotel rooms (“floatels”) as a first phase of the redevelopment of the Marina.

Bob Ronday architects (Amsterdam) designed the floatels. The units (9 * 4 * 4 m.) were built by ABC Arkenbouw (Urk, the Netherlands) and transported by truck and ferry to Milford Haven. Austwel Contractors moored and finished floatels at the location the Marina.

Building on Water delivered the units turn key to the Port of Milford Haven. Since the summer 2019 the port is renting out the floatels to visitors of the area.

Milford Haven Port Authority Wales, United Kingdom  

co-developer and co-contractor through the subsidiary Building on Water 

Bob Ronday Architectuur, Amsterdam 

general contractors ABC Arkenbouw, Urk Austwel, Milford Haven 
4 floating hotel suites 

2017 - 2019


Nelson Quay, Milford Haven Wales, United Kingdom