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’Development is a profession'Ton van Namen.

We distinguish ourselves as a small and responsive organisation that specialises in unique projects. To be better than the rest, that's what it's all about.
Monteflore Vastgoed is an independent developer active in the field of corporate real estate and housing construction.  Both in the field of inner-city development and redevelopment of existing buildings and new projects in development areas. Based in Amsterdam Monteflore Vastgoed works all over the Netherlands where it creates and maintains excellent contacts with the local market.

Monteflore is an independent developer. We have no ties with building contractors or financial institutes. We do, however, regularly work with builders, other developers or housing corporations on a project basis. Our added value lies in our creativity developing new building concepts and designing solutions for complex challenges in urban environments, based on our years of experience with social, political and business processes.

Project management - including the supervision of the construction - of nearly all our projects is done by an in-house team. Project management services are also provided to third parties.

Some of our projects are added to our investment portfolio.
Monteflore Vastgoed's philosophy revolves around the user. We offer tenants of new offices maximum freedom and scope to arrange their premises as required.

Accommodation is delivered as 'empty' and flexible as possible, albeit fully engineered. It means that no capital is wasted, for example on ceilings or other facilities that are often simply ripped out. It gives users full freedom and scope to arrange the accommodation in line with their own ideas and wishes. Maximum flexibility is the key word.

The quality of a building's architecture and materials guarantees its identity and durability.
We feel the same about house construction. While consumer-driven development is a much talked about concept, practice usually proves unruly with individual residents often swamped in rules and parties. We, however, provide structure. We translate the requirements of individual residents into concrete solutions and arrange for the technical coordination of the relevant project. This allows the consumer optimum freedom and control.
Buildings never stand alone. The quality of the surrounding area determines the success of a project. Monteflore has an eye for the context and therefore invests wholeheartedly in arranging the public space. Because of our attention to context, we are increasingly involved in large-scale urban developments. After all, even broad lines demand an eye for detail. This is an art. But then again - development is an art we excel in.
Real estate development
Prinseneiland 7
1013 LL Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 41 93 170

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Real estate is an art.
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